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Stephanie Teasley graduated with an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Antioch University Los Angeles. Her engaging and multifaceted style of writing transfers over from her bartender skills as she mixes prose as she does with drinks. She is currently the Blog and Content Director for Lunch Ticket and is a contributing writer for Cuisine Noir.

Wine Spencer Will Quench Your Thirst For Wine Education

“We are not a winery, but provide wine education,” Shaunna Cooper says. Together with her sister, Shayla Smith, they founded Wine Spencer to bridge the wine education gap and widen the space of inclusivity. They offer a variety of wine tasting classes, from a beginner’s introduction to wine, two separate classes for red and white wine and a classroom that highlights Black winemakers. “I believe what sets us apart are the various classes we offer,” says Cooper. Smith agrees, sharing, “Wine is a

Kansas’ Only Urban Winery, Jenny Dawn Cellars, Talks Crafting the Perfect Plan for Award-Winning Wines

In May 2017, Jennifer Dawn McDonald took her first trip to Napa, Calif. “I call it the happiest place on earth for me as a wine connoisseur and winemaker,” she says. “I thoroughly enjoyed my first trip to Napa. I, of course, had to get my picture taken in front of the Napa Valley iconic sign. I spent time visiting The Wine Foundry and working through a plan to make a pinot noir and chardonnay from Sta. Rita Hills.” McDonald’s love for the west coast wine country was established and she made anot

Shoe Crazy Wine is Made from Love and Sole

Gwen Hurt has always had a love for shoes. “As a kid, I would say, ‘God I know you’re listening. One day I want to have as much food as I want and shoes in every color.’” At thirteen, Hurt purchased her first pair of shoes with money she earned from her summer job. “I vividly remember the first pair that I purchased,” she says. “They were gold, closed-toe with kitten heels. I had to buy from the clearance rack, but I loved those shoes.” This purchase held a deeper meaning for Hurt, who was being

Make Your Taste Buds Sing at These Restaurants in Palm Springs

Palm Springs, California is a small desert city that sits a couple of hours east of Los Angeles. As one of nine popular tourist destinations known as the Greater Palm Springs, Palm Springs is an oasis for relaxation and pampering in the warmer months and a winter haven for snowbirds who flock to the desert during the colder months. In addition to beautiful golf courses and world-class spas, Palm Springs is also known for its art and cultural scene. Yearly events in the city extend from The Palm

Hungry? On the Road? Helps Diners and Businesses Connect

“I have been doing this my whole life,” says Edward Dillard. Raised in Delaware, he started his truck driving career over a decade ago. “I know the roads.” An understatement for a profession that requires driving between 2,000 and 3,000 miles per week. For drivers such as Dillard, a chunk of their lives is spent traveling the roads. However, the job comes with some unexpected benefits; truck drivers have firsthand knowledge about where to find the cleanest rest stops as well as know the best rou

9 of the Best Italian Restaurants in Coachella Valley

With so Many Options, There Is Something for Everyone! It’s easy to forget the choices we have in restaurants, especially coming out of the summer months when many people tend to stay inside their air-conditioned homes. Now that fall is here (along with significantly cooler temperatures), step outside and treat yourself to authentic Italian cuisine. From Palm Springs to Palm Desert, these are the best nine Italian restaurants in the Coachella Valley. There is breakfast, lunch, dinner, menus wit


Back in June, CBS News reported that due to “thousands of well-paid techs” living in California’s Bay Area, a family residing there with an annual earning of $117,000 was now considered low-income. The article was accompanied by a picture of a rundown house, complete with a leaky roof that sold for $1.23 million. CBS’ report came from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, which estimated the median price for a single-family home as $947,500. This story was published across a few d

Chill Out With 7 Unique Ice Cream Flavors Like Lavender Coffee or Roasted Pistachio and Olive Oil in Greater Palm Springs

These Ice Cream Shops Will Take You to Flavortown If there’s one thing to expect in Palm Springs during the summer months, it’s sizzling, triple-degree temperatures. The hot weather can make going out undesirable, but fortunately for us, the Coachella Valley has plenty of cold, delicious treats to make it worthwhile. There are plenty of places to stop to get a regular scoop of traditional, old-fashioned ice cream, but for something a little funky (and totally Instagramable!) we love these popul

Ditch the Delivery—These 9 Greater Palm Springs Pizzerias Will Be Your New Favorites

There’s Nothing Better Than a Slice and a Glass of Wine It may be a small area compared to the bigger cities, but the desert offers beaucoup variety when it comes to pizza restaurants. From upscale eateries to the neighborhood bar, there’s so many options and selections for whatever your palate is craving. Here are nine of the best pizza places in Palm Springs to try tonight! Pizzeria Bambinos is a local favorite, and their Santa Fe pizza is a popular choice. It’s a sizzling Southwestern blend

Coachella Diehards: Here's Something You Should Know About the Owner

The annual Coachella Festival made its debut back in 1999 at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. Its inception came from a 1993 performance from the rock band Pearl Jam, who played at the Empire Polo Club in a boycott against Ticketmaster, who controlled a lot of overpriced venues; and was co-founded by Paul Tollett and Rick Van Santen, who collaborated on Goldenvoice, a subsidiary of the Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG.) And, AEG is owned by a man named Philip Anschutz, a 78-year-old b

Netflix Documentary "Take Your Pills" Examines Rampant Adderall Use

“The first article about college abuse of amphetamines to study was in Time Magazine in 1937: This. Ain’t. New.", said Alan Schwarz, journalist and author of ADHD Nation. Take Your Pills is a new Netflix documentary examining the black, white and grey areas of cognitive enhancement stimulants such as Adderall and Ritalin in American society. The film gives some history about the use of stimulants that date back to 1929, when a doctor experimented on himself by ingesting amphetamines. The doctor

"Jessica Jones", the Baffling Second Season & Lack of Diversity

The many Marvel series on Netflix are popular although not all of them are winners (Hello Iron Fist). And when dealing with comic book fans, they will be vocal about their likes and dislikes, regardless whether it's justified or not. Such is the case of the second season of Jessica Jones. The second season, which debuted last month, picks up with Jones still working as a private investigator, but more recognized around the city as a vigilante after killing Kilgrave. She’s still holding everyone

Spice Brings Awareness in a Brilliant Way

Towards the end of last month dancehall recording artist, Spice, debuted a very new look via her Instagram. For reference, the Jamaican artist typically looks like this: Spice also dropped a new single, “Black Hypocrisy” which talks about colorism in the black community. Colorism is discrimination based on skin color, something that Spice says she’s experienced outside and inside her own community. Colorism is the belief that the lighter the skin and features, the more “marketable” or attracti

Serena Williams and other Athletes Have Found New Ways To Hold Onto Their Money

With the right management, financial advisor and great networking, athletes can make bank. However, athletic careers can be extremely short-lived: the average NFL player has about 3.3 years, NBA is around five year, MLB players have about 5.6 years but one in five position players will only have a single-year career. Even if these professional athletes had a good gig where they were signed for millions and got a few good endorsements, most of them go broke once they get out the game (78% of NFL
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